Leveraging Poetry in Your Writing

I’ll be teaching two one-day seminars for Westport Writers’ Workshop this October and November.

poetry image

The first, Accessing Your Inner Poet, on Saturday, October 26, will emphasize the flexibility and accessibility of contemporary poetry. Designed for writers who love poetry, miss poetry, and/or are a bit intimidated by trying their hand at poetry, during this workshop we will read poetry together, explore ways to draft and craft poetry, as well as ways to employ it within prose. The bulk of the workshop will be dedicated to generative prompts and sharing our work in a safe, judgment-free environment.

The second workshop, Leveraging Lyricism, on Saturday, November 9, will focus on exploring the work of contemporary poets who also write prose and discovering how they leverage lyricism within prose to underscore moments of emotional or thematic resonance. We will brainstorm ways to do the same in our own prose projects. The bulk of the workshop will focus on strategies and generative prompts designed to access the hidden lyricism within each participant’s writing voice.

Please come join me! Westport Writers’ Workshop has been the site of great inspiration and writerly communion for me, and I look forward to creating an equally useful and creatively nurturing environment for participants.

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